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Loyalist Directory: Abel (brother to Thomas UE and John UE) Flewwelling

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Surname : Flewwelling
Given name : Abel (brother to Thomas UE and John UE)
Rank :  
Where Resettled : New Brunswick, Kings County, lower Kingston Peninsula; and Sunbury County, Maugerville.
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : NYGBS; V36 N3 Jul 1905
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Engineers Department
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 31 May 1746 USA, New York, Dutchess County, Rumbout Precinct, Fishkill
Settled before war : New York, Orange County, Newburgh, Middleburgh
Date & Place of Death : Abt. 1814/MARCH/15 N.B., Sunbury County, Maugerville
Place of Burial : N.B., Sunbury County, Maugerville, Cemetery of Christ Church, Anglican
Wife Name : Abigail Fowler (1752-21 Jan 1833) m. 1769
Children : Charlotte Flewwelling, b. c. 1771 m. Samuel Purdy
Elizabeth Flewwelling, b. c. 1772 m. William Harding Jr.
Samuel Flewwelling, b. c. 1775 m. Julia Elvira Canfield, b. in NY
Abigail Flewwelling, d. <1783
Sarah Flewwelling, b. c. 1780 m. John Day, b. in Sunbury Co, NY
John Flewwelling, b. c.1783 m. Eunice Palmer, b. in Sunbury Co
Clarissa Flewwelling m. John Fowler, b. in Springfield Parish, Kings Co, NB
Amelia Flewwelling m. Richard Bartlett Taylor, b. in Sunbury Co, NY
Abigail Flewwelling m. Thomas Fowler, b. in Westfield Parish, Kings Co, NB
Abel Gilford Flewwelling b. 1793
Jane Flewwelling m. William Harding, b. in Springfield Parish, Kings Co, NB
Biography : Biograhical sketch of Abel Fewelling.
Proven Descendants : Saint John Branch, 2007, Eric Clifton Langley,
Fredericton Branch, 1987, Hollis Leroy Flewwelling
Fredericton 1987.02.17; Fredericton Branch, 198?, Colleen Shalia Raab; Fredericton 1990.04.12; New Brunswick 2006.11.13
Military Info : Ship’s Pilot for Admiral Richard Howe; and Capt. Mercer, Engineering Department of the British Army.  
Loyalist Genealogy : Loyalist Genealogy
Family History : Family History
Family Genealogy : Family Genealogy
Sources : Information contributed by Eric Clifton Langley;
and from Thomas A Murray,
Reference letters A; K
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