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Loyalist Directory: Mathew Esq Elliot

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Surname : Elliot
Given name : Mathew Esq
Rank : Lt. Colonel
Where Resettled : Amherstburg, Malden Township, Essex County, Upper Canada
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List; Upper Canada Land Petitions
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : British Indian Department
Enlistment Date : 1778
Date & Place of Birth :  
Settled before war : Pittsburg, Pennnsylvania
Date & Place of Death : 7 May 1814 at what is now Burlington, Ont.
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : 1. Shawnee woman
2. Sarah Donovan
Children : With Shawnee wife:
Alexander Elliott,
Matthew Elliott Jr.

with Sarah Donovan:
Francis Gore Elliott,
Robert Herriot Barclay Elliott
Biography : Indian Department official, politician, and militia officer. See Canadian Biography
Proven Descendants :  
Military Info : Elliott spent most of the war in the western theatre.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History : Matthew Elliott came to North America in 1761 and settled in Pennsylvania. He married twice. Once to a Shawnee woman and then to Sarah Donovan. He had four sons, two with his first wife and 2 with his second.
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : More details about Matthew Elliott are available at:
Elliot Loyalists in Canada
Canadian officers in the Indian Department in the War of 1812
Reserved :