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Loyalist Directory: Sealvenus (Sylvanus) Everitts (Evarts, Everts)

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Surname : Everitts (Evarts, Everts)
Given name : Sealvenus (Sylvanus)
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Eastern District
Status as Loyalist : A Tory during the American Revolution
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 31 Mar 1721, E. Guilford, New Haven County, CT
Settled before war : Castleton, Vermont, USA
Date & Place of Death : 05 Feb 1809 in Fair Haven, Vermont, age 89
Place of Burial : Bef. E. Guilford, CT
Wife Name : (1) Hannah Hoyt, mother of Oliver Everts; (2) Elisheba, Chittenden
Children : Oliver, Timothy, Eli, Ambrose, Roswell (who died at age 7), Elisheba, Sarah, second Roswell, Electe, Linus
Biography : It seems quite possible that the Evorts family originated in Holland and settled in Watford, Hertfordshire, England in the 16th century. The Evarts and Chittendens were old Connecticut families who had lived near each other for over 90 years in East Guilford, CT. The Evorts had emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600's from Hertfordshire, England, and later moved on to Salisbury, CT. Sylvanus married Elisheba Chittenden, the older sister of Thomas Chittenden, who became the first governor of Vermont. Sylvanus became wealthy through land speculations in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont. He, and his son, Oliver, gave every possible assistance to the Burgoyne Campaign. His sons, Eli, Timothy and Ambrose were patriots and served in the CT Militia. Roswell joined his father and half brother, Oliver, in their flight to Canada.
Proven Descendants : Through Sylvanus' son, Roswell Everts Sr. U.E.; Col. Edward Jessup Branch, John W. Kelly Sr. U.E, Col. Edward Jessup 2008.09.22;
Military Info : In 1777, in Vermont, he assisted Gen. John Burgoyne with provisions, fat cattle, forage, a team, and with workers and supplies for road clearing. Following the battle at Saratoga, he escaped to Quebec with sons, Oliver and Roswell, and with a nephew, Gilbert Everts, and with his son-in-law, Asa Landon. Apr 1778, the Vermont State Court confiscated his property due to treasonable conduct. In 1787, Sylvanus returned to Vermont and lived with, and was supported by his son, Eli, in Fair Haven, VT.
Loyalist Genealogy : Sylvanus Evarts, m. Elisheba Chrittenden Gen. 2: Roswell Everts Sr., b. 05 Nov. 1765, m. Mary Dingman Gen. 3: Maria Everts, b. 1811 in Augusta Twp, ON. m. Martin Kelly Jr. of Montague Twp. Gen. 4: Samuel Martin Kelly, b. 25 Dec 1846, Montague Twp. Lanark Co. ON, m. Mary Ann Bachoritch Gen. 5: Rev. Ralph Mason Kelly, b. 22 Jul 1894, Denison, Crawford Co., Iowa, USA, m. Honour May McCune Gen. 6: John W. Kelly Sr., b. 17 Jun 1934, Denison, Crawford, Iowa, m. Julia Alice Phillips
Family History : see Biography field
Family Genealogy : 1.) Arthur Ervots, b. Gloucestershire, England, m. Margaret Lortis 2.) William Evorts/Evaiyet, b. 1569 in Gloucestershire, England, m Sarah Everhard 3.) John Evarts, b. 1601 in Hertfordshire, Eng. m. Elizabeth Bradley 4. John Evarts Jr., b. 1640, m. Mary French 5. Nathaniel Evarts, b. 24 Jul 1675 in Guilford, CT., m. Margaret Hastings (continue with Sylvanus Evarts - Loyalist Genealogy listing)
Sources : SOURCE: 1.) Barbour Collection, Guilford, CT. Vital Records 1635-1850. 2.) "Vermont Quarterly" Apr 1961, The Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society, pp 92-102, " An Unknown Vermonter, Slyvanus Evarts, Governor Chittenden's Tory Brother-in-law" by Gwilym R. Roberts. sourse 3.) History Collection of Salisbury CT by the Salisbury Asso. Inc., vol 1, 1913, p. 44. source 4.) E. Keith Fitzgerald, "Loyalist Lists, p. 202. [Information submitted by John W. Kelly Sr.]
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