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Loyalist Directory: Daniel Eady (Edy)

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Surname : Eady (Edy)
Given name : Daniel
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : St Jean (St Johns), Quebec. After his death in 1784 his wife remarried and settled in Clarenceville, Hawkesbury, Quebec
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : King’s Royal Rangers, Captain Azariah Pritchard’s Company commanded by James Rogers Esq.
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth :  
Settled before war : Vermont, USA
Date & Place of Death : 1784 near St. Johns, Quebec
Place of Burial : not sure, home was Clarenceville, Quebec
Wife Name : Sarah Jones
Children : 1)Omri Edy b. July 11,1780 Connecticut d. April 21,1853 Oakland, Brant County, Ontario. Buried in the Oakland Pioneer Cemetery, Oakland, Ontario m. Margaret (Polly) Glover
2) Newbury Edy
3) Daniel Edy
4)Joyce Edy
5) Benjamin Edy.
Biography : Daniel Eady/Edy fought with King’s Royal Rangers. He settled during the Revolution in Vermont & Connecticut. After the Rangers disbanded in 1783, he settled in St Johns, Quebec, a few miles north of Clarenceville. Daniel was killed, by an Indian, on his way home. His wife Sarah Jones remarried George Starr
Proven Descendants : Thompson-Okanagan, Pat Kelderman, 2002.04.08;
Hamilton 2003.11.24;
Military Info : Fought with King’s Royal Rangers according to Rolls of the Provincial(Loyalist) Corp, Canadian Command American Revolutionary Period prepared by Mary Beacock Fryer and Lieutenant-Colonel William A. Smy C.D
Loyalist Genealogy : Daniel Eady/Eady UE m. Sarah Jones
Gen 2: Omri Edy b. July 11, 1780 married Margaret (Polly) Glover
Gen 3: Andrew Newcombe Edy b. Oct 19, 1810, Hawkesbury Lake, Clarenceville, Quebec m. Mary Haviland
Gen 4: Peter Holly Edy b. Feb 1, 1846, m Mary Ann Secord
Gen 5: Emma Loamma Edy b. 24 August 1871 m Maurice Sharp
Gen 6 Emma Elbertha Sharp m Ithamar Osborne Norsworthy.
Family History : The William Eddye/Eady/Edy family originated in Cranbrook, Kent County in England .Two brothers and one sister emigrated to Plymouth, Mass on the “Handmaiden” in 1670. Several generations remained in the New England area. Captain Zachariah Eddye and Mercy Burch lived in Swansea, Mass. They had 4 children, one being Daniel Eady who fought in the American Revolution and remained Loyal to Britain. Daniel Edy’s son Omri petitioned for land as a SUE in the Hawkesbury area of Quebec then moved with his family to Oakland twp, Brant County, Ontario where he bought land. His son Andrew received a Quit Claim from his father and continued to farm in the area. Peter Holly Edy moved to Ancaster twp where he raised his 2 children - one was my great grandmother Emma.
Family Genealogy : 1 William Eddye b. 1560 in Bristol, Glouchester, England died November 23,1616 md Mary Fosten
2 Samuel Eddye b. May 15,1608 Cranbrook, Kent County, England; d.May 24 1687 md Elizabeth Savory
3 Zachariah Eddy b. 1639 Plymouth, Mass d. September 4, 1718 md 1 Abigail Smith 2 Alice Paddock
4 Joshua Eddy b. February 21,1679 d. Nov 13, 1768 Gloster, Rhode Island married Hannah Stevens
5 Captain Zachariah Eddy b. July 23,1720 Swansea, Mass d. 1780 in Belchertown, Mass md Mercy Burch (see Loyalist genealogy for the rest)
Sources : Informaiton provided by Pat Kelderman, Thompson-Okanagan Branch.
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