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Loyalist Directory: Abraham Dafoe

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Surname : Dafoe
Given name : Abraham
Rank : Corporal in Captain Harry Ruiter's 3rd Company
Where Resettled : Bath, Ernestown Tsp. Upper Canada
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List (?)
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Roger's Rangers & Harry Ruiter's 3rd Company General Burgoyne's Company
Enlistment Date : August 1777
Date & Place of Birth : ác.1754 in Albany Co. New York
Settled before war : Albany, New York USA
Date & Place of Death : 1815, Fredericksburgh Tp. Addington Co. Ontario
Place of Burial : Fredericksburgh Tp. Addington co. Ontario
Wife Name : Katreen Diamond b.1755 m. 1775 d. before 1792 daughter of John Diamond & Christianna Loyst
Children : Dafoe, Mary m. Kemp John Jr.
Dafoe, Lucy m.?
Dafoe, Jacob m. Phillips, Ann
Dafoe, Elizabeth m.Sharp, Henry
Dafoe, George m. Sills Elizabeth

More details about children by Joan Lucas.
Biography : Fought in the Battle of Bennington where his brother was killed and he and the rest of the Dafoe men were captured.. Upon release they fought at Fort St. Jean.

A biography snippet by Joan Lucas.

Another biography snippet by Barry Baker.
Proven Descendants : Kawartha 1992.06.06;
Kawartha 2008.11.17;
Bay of Quinte 2010-11-22;
Barry Alan Baker of Hamilton Branch on 18 June 2012
Military Info : 1777 Battle of Bennington General Burgoyne.
1780 Fort St. Jean Rogers Rangers Captain Harry Ruiter's 3rd Company.

More military details by Joan Lucas.
Loyalist Genealogy : Dafoe, Abraham
->Dafoe Mary m. Kemp, Jacob
-->Kemp, William
---> Kemp, Sarah m. Baker, Frederick Thomas
---->Baker, Edward Alan
----->Baker, Barry Alan

See the certificate application used by Barry Baker.
Family History : Obituary of Sarah Kemp recording name change to Baker
Rev. Langhorn's record of marriage between John Kemp & Mary Dafoe.
Contained as proof in certificate application
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Ancestry
Ontario Archives Land Grants and Petitions

Information provided by Barry Baker
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