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Loyalist Directory: Adam Crysler

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Surname : Crysler
Given name : Adam
Rank : Lt.
Where Resettled : Niagara Twp., Lincoln Co., Ont.
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Indian Department/Butler's Rangers
Enlistment Date : beginning of the Revolutionary War
Date & Place of Birth : b. ca 1732 in West Camp, Green County, NY; d. 15 Sep 1793 in Niagara Twp.
Settled before war : Schoharie, NY.
Date & Place of Death :  
Place of Burial : Buried on his farm, at a spot on the west bank of the creek, midway of Lot #85, but was later moved to a cemetery in St. Catharines, ON. His wife, Anna Maria d. 15 Mar 1794 and was buried beside him.
Wife Name : Anna Maria Hofer (widow of Adam Braun) m. 10 Jul 1760 in Schoharie, NY.
Children : 1. Margaret b. 23 Jun 1761, Schoharie, NY, m. John Clement; John b. 8 Dec 1763, Schoharie, NY; d. 1764; John (#2) b. 11 Apr 1765, d. 1839; Maria b. 20 Sep 1767, Schoharie, NY, d. 1822, Niagara Twp., Lincoln County, ON m. Aaron Stevens; Catherine, b. 26 Sep 1770, Schoharie, NY, d. 13 Jul 1813, Niagara twp., Lincoln County, ON m. 1786 James Clement, son of Lewis Cobes Clement.
Biography : Adam moved with his parents to Schoharie County, NY ca1740 where he and his brother, Baltus, became members of the Schoharie Lutheran Church, 14 Aug 1751; Adam had 3 other brothers as well, Phillip, William & John; after the death of his father in 1751, as the oldest son, inherited his father's estate which consisted of property valued at 2,455 pounds including a farm situated at Schoharie on the banks of the Schoharie River, with a dwelling house and barn plus other out buildings, an additional 89 acres of land adjacent to the previous property, a lot of land situated at Schoharie consisting of 2 acres with a grist mill, a fourth share of a sawmill, plus more land at Colus Hill in Albany County and another lot of land on the Charlotte River in Tryon County (all of this property was listed in Adam's claim for compensation for losses during the Revolutionary War). In 1768 Adam was appointed an Ensign in the Militia. When the war broke out, he remained loyal to the British and was considered a person of Interest by the "Committee of Safety" and was frequently threatened. He joined the Indian Department where he was made a lieutenant. Adam took part in several raids in the Mohawk Valley with Col. John Butler, Walter Butler and Joseph Brant. Two of the most famous were the Wyoming Valley and Cherry Valley Massacres where Adam was accused of terrible crimes including scalping. He and his family arrived in Niagara in 1781, where they were recorded on the first census of Niagara in 1783. Adam and his brothers were fluent in the Indian languages and were often referred to as "blue eyed" Indians; they wore Indian dress and frequently war paint in order to blend in with the natives who accompanied them on their raids.
Proven Descendants : Vancouver 1986.03.12; Col. John Butler 2009.04.20; Col. John Butler 2009.09.21; Col. John Butler 2009.09.28;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : See Adam's claim for compensation for losses during the Revolutionary War; also his Journal and land claims. Information provided by Lenore Harris who will share information.
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