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Loyalist Directory: George Cosby / Cosbey

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Surname : Cosby / Cosbey
Given name : George
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : 1795 Jul 07 - Lot 20, 1st & 2nd Concession, Pelham, ON (Home District).
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : Muster Rolls, Land Petition, and on "Old UE List"
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :
Regiment : 2nd Battalion, (Rogers) Kings Rangers commanded by Major James Rogers from inception to disbandment (14 Aug 1780 to 27 Jan 1784).
Enlistment Date : 14 Aug 1780
Date & Place of Birth : oath says born 1765 in "Province of New York"; military records say 1759 born in "The Jerseys"
Settled before war : New York / New Jersey
Date & Place of Death : 6 June 1806 Pelham, Ontario (Note: Last Will and Testament is dated same day as his death.)
Place of Burial : 09 Jun 1806. Memorial stone laid 2009 in Rockway Cemetery, Rockway Presbyterian Church. See description of memorial.
Wife Name : Mary McGregor "of Sterling, Scotland" (source: "Ontarian Families" by Edward Marion Chadwick) No further information.
Children : George and Mary's children are listed in the Certificate application by Phyllis Cosby to George Cosby.

One son, Eliot, started the Eliot Cosby Cemetery (Abandoned) (NOTE: this document is copyrighted by the Niagara Peninsula Branch OGS, posted with permission).
Biography : After disbandment (Jan 1784), George apparently went to Ireland with his father. Within a year, he was married and had his first son, George who was born in New Jersey. Therefore, George must have left Quebec, gone to Ireland and returned to New Jersey before he came to Niagara in 1786 or 1788 to settle.

In Canada, George received on 1795 Jul 07 - Lot 20, 1st & 2nd Concession, Pelham, ON (Home District) located at the top of the hill on Victoria Avenue North in Pelham Township. Pelham Union schoolhouse still stands on Lot 20, Conc 1 at the junction once known as "Cosby Corners". It is now (2010) a private residence.
Proven Descendants : Col. John Butler 2000.07.11; Col. John Butler 2001.06.04; Col. John Butler 2002.09.01; Col. John Butler 2002.11.12; Col. John Butler 2002.11.18; St. Catharines 1992.03.13; Vancouver 2006.11.27; Col. John Butler 2006.07.25; Vancouver 2007.02.05; Col. John Butler 2008.05.20; Col. John Butler 2010-04-12; Col. John Butler 2010-05-03; Col. John Butler 2010-06-07; Col. John Butler 2010-10-04; Col. John Butler 2014.03.17 (Randolph Nelson Joseph Lussier);
Military Info : George Cosby's Military Service Summary.

George's sons served in the War of 1812; see a summary.
Loyalist Genealogy : Certificate application by Phyllis Cosby to George Cosby.
Family History : on the same "Return of Disbanded Troops and Loyalists settled in No. 1 Township of District of Niagara September 17th, 1787" with Loyalist John Comfort. Their grandchildren intermarried.
Family Genealogy : Alfred Morgan Cosby (see newspaper article) married Clara Agnes Worts the granddaughter of Elizabeth Gooderham, sister of William Gooderham who, in 1832, created the largest distillery in the British Empire "Gooderham and Worts Distillery". It became known as Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts Ltd. in 1926 after merging with the Hiram Walker Company. The distillery property is now known as "The Distillery District" and is a national historic site in Toronto (see More details at Family Background.
Sources : Phyllis Cosby and Wilfred Cosby
Reserved :