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Loyalist Directory: James (father of Abraham) Clendenning (Clandenin)

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Surname : Clendenning (Clandenin)
Given name : James (father of Abraham)
Rank :  
Where Resettled :  
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) : Restored to the U.E. List on the Petition of James Clennining; read this day; Order in Council 1808/January/26
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth :  
Settled before war : Knowlton Township, Sussex County, New York Province. I have conflicting information on Knowlton Twp. It must have straddled the border since it sometimes is given as being in New York and sometimes in New Jersey.
"On December 11, 1778, the New Jersey Legislature passed an act allowing confiscation of lands held by Loyalists. On March 25, 1779, a judgement was entered against Mr. Clandenin as a Loyalist, and the State of New Jersey became the owner of this tract." (This information was taken from deed book E-2, page 307, Sussex County Clerk's Office.)
Date & Place of Death : August 1795
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name :  
Children :  
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : Col. John Butler 2002.07.08; London & Western Ontario 1976.03.15; Col. John Butler 2006.07.25; Col. John Butler 2009.05.25;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Information provided by John Haynes.
Reserved :