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Loyalist Directory: Ludovicus (Lewis) Cobes Clement

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Surname : Clement
Given name : Ludovicus (Lewis) Cobes
Rank : Lt.
Where Resettled : near Fort Niagara in what today is Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) : Suspended by Order In Council of 21st January 1824; Restored by Order in Council 27 March 1813
Regiment : Indian Department (served from the beginning of the War)
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 30 Nov 1725 in Trespas Hill, Tryon County, New York; bp. 25 Dec 1725
Settled before war : Tribes Hill (not far from Fort Johnson)
Date & Place of Death : 1781 Fort Niagara, NY
Place of Burial : Chautauqua Grounds, according to tradition; no grave has been located
Wife Name : Catlyntje (Catherine Eliza) Poutman/Putman b. 4 May 1726 in Schenectady, NY, d. 1807, Niagara Twp, Lincoln Co., Upper Canada
Children : Joseph, John, James, Jemima (m. Samuel Thompson) and Mary Anne (m. Andrew Butler, s/o Col. John Butler)
Biography : Ludovicus (Lewis) Clement was the son of Joseph Clement and Annetje Peek and grandson of Jan Clement and Maria Boquet. He served in the Indian Department as a Lieutenant and Interpreter; had a farm of approx 300 acres at Tribes Hill, inherited from his father, Joseph; was on a list of the "Committee of Safety" and was prosecuted as he refused to swear allegiance to the cause of the colonies. He was sentenced to a jail term at Albany but was returned to Johnstown and later released as a show of good faith to the Indians (Ref: S.L. Frey "Minutes of the Committee of Safety", Montgomery County Historical Society. His family was brought to Canada by his son John Putnam Clement in 1781. They had been imprisoned in Albany during the war along with the families of Col. Butler and Sir John Johnson. In a "list of Prisoners" in the hands of Congress belonging to the Corps of Rangers, Royalists and their families, dated 5 Jan 1779, included were the names of Lt. Bowen, the family of Capt. John Johnson and the family of Lewis Clement, Mrs. Clement, children: John, Jemima, Jacobus (James) and Hannah (a Negro servant). Ref: "Vital Record Postings of an Indian Missionary in Western New York 1832-1879", New York Genealogical & Biographical Rec, Vol. 117, 1986. The family resettled in what is today Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON.
Proven Descendants : St. Catharines 1982.03.02; Vancouver 1986.01.08; London & Western Ontario 1988.07.19; London & Western Ontario 1993.02.23; Col. John Butler 2002.08.20; Col. John Butler 2005.10.24; Col. John Butler 2007.02.19; Grand River 2008.08.11; Col. John Butler 2008.09.02; Col. John Butler 2009.09.28; Col. John Butler 2010-08-30; Col. John Butler 2012.04.09; Col. John Butler 2012.04.09; Col. John Butler 2016.03.16 (Christopher Eric Band Taylor); Col. John Butler 2016.05.06 (Catherine Michelle Woodruff, James Laurence Dudley Woodruff, James Wilcox Woodruff, Matthew Pilon Woodruff);
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : descended from James Clement & Catharine Crysler - Adam Crysler Clement & Catherine Markle - George Washington Clement & Elizabeth Spencer - Samuel Patten Clement & Margaret McKinnon, James Frederick Clement & Marcelle Stevenin, Lenore Joan Clement (spouse Walter D. Harris) - current generation.
Family History : Clement Family History: The Descendants of Lewis Cobes Clement, UE, 1725-1781 and Catharine Eliza Poutman (1726-1807) by Lenore J. Harris, Pro Familia Publishing, Toronto, Ont. 2002.
Family Genealogy : 1. Marigen (Maria) bp. 25 Dec 1715 in Maalwyck, Albany County, NY.
2. Jacobus (James) bp. 23 Nov 1718 in Maalwyck, Albany County, NY; d. prior to the Revolutionary War; worked as an Indian interpreter for Sir William Johnson; last mentioned in Sir William's papers in 1759; m. 27 Feb 1743 Jannetje Van Woert.
3. Elizabeth bp. 21 May 1721 in Maalwyck; m. William Powell.
4. Johannes bp. 07 Jul 1723 in Maalwyck; d. 12 Nov 1812 in Stratford, NY; m. 30 Dec 1753 to Rachel Radcliffe. Johannes fought in the revolution against the British. He and his brother, Lewis, were on opposite sides during the revolution.
Sources : Information provided by Lenore Harris
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