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Loyalist Directory: George Chisholm

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Surname : Chisholm
Given name : George
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Port Roseway Associate 1782. Niagara 1791, Fort Erie 1791. Land petition March 1793. Granted 400 acres of “waste lands” (donít know where) but had already purchased 600 acres on Burlington Bay. (Lots 1 Broken Front and 1st and 2nd Concessions of East Flamborough Township)
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Joined St Leger August 1777 with Capt John Macdonell KRRNY
To Burgoyne as carpenter after Oriskany.
Joined Capt Normand Tolmie Highland Volunteer Militia in 1778 at York Town.
Enlistment Date : 1777/August/18
Date & Place of Birth : 1752/July/19 Scotland, Inverness-shire, Parish of Croy
Settled before war : Province of New York, Kortright Township (New York State, Delaware County, Stamford-Bloomville-Kortright-Harpersfield)
Date & Place of Death :  
Place of Burial : Canada West, East Flamborough Township (Ontario, Burlington) Family burial plot on a point of land reaching into Burlington Bay. Apparently there are two identical stones. In 1950 a whole stone was found by Hazel Chisholm Mathews leaning against a trellis in Greenwood Cemetery, Burlington. It was placed there when the old burial plot was cleared for building a house. It was moved to Oakville Cemetery, Oakville, Ontario, the inscription was recut and the stone was placed in the Chisholm plot. Some years later, Hazel Chisholm Mathews was advised that parts of a broken tombstone bearing the name Chisholm had been come to light in the water of Burlington Bay. It had been used as the underpinning of an old boathouse which was being demolished. The stone proved to be that of George and Barbara Chisholm and was identical to the first.
Wife Name : Barbara MacKenzie (McKenzie)
Children : Janet, Mary Christina, John, James, William, Barbara, George, Christy, Nancy
Biography : George Chisholm Loyalist Biography
Proven Descendants : Vancouver 1993.08.16; Vancouver 1995.12.19; Vancouver 1998.01.16;

Hamilton Branch, 2005, George Frank Chisholm,
Hamilton Branch, 2005, George Daniel Chisholm
Hamilton Branch, 2005, Gregory Stuart Chisholm
Military Info : George Chisholm's son, George, served at Queenston as an Ensign with the York Militia as did his brothers John and William. Their father, also George Chisholm, UE, got as far as Queenston from Burlington Bay but was sent home as he was too old. He was born in 1752. Much of the battle was fought on the property of George Sr's brother, John, who had been granted Lot #2, Niagara Township.
George Jr's sword, which he was supposed to have carried at Queenston, has been passed down through the generations as has the musket which he carried at Montgomery's Tavern during the 1837 Rebellion. They are treasures and have always been owned by a “George” - I'm the sixth generation with a George in it and eventually they will go to my son.

Joined St Leger August 1777 with Capt John Macdonell then to Burgoyne as carpenter after Oriskany. Joined Capt Normand Tolmie Highland Volunteer Militia in 1778 at York Town. Captain 2nd York Militia. Marched to Niagara in 1812 but soon returned home.
Loyalist Genealogy : George Chisholm Loyalist Genealogy
Family History : Oakville and the Sixteen, Mathews, Hazel Chisholm, University of Toronto Press 1953. ISBN 0-8020-1820-3 available from the Oakville Historical Society
Mark of Honour, Mathews, Hazel Chisholm
Chisholms of Croy, Mathews, Hazel Chisholm unpublished manuscript available from the Oakville Historical Society
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : The Town of Oakville was founded by second-generation William Chisholm
Third generation Daniel Black Chisholm was a Mayor of Hamilton and MP
Fifth generation George Brock Chisholm was founding Director General of the World Health Organization

Contributed by George Chisholm UE, Hamilton Branch
Reserved :